Inspired by
Ronaldo Riccio

Ronaldo Riccio

Inspired by Ronaldo Riccio

Ronaldo Riccio is a former school principal and retired music teacher based in Baie-Saint-Paul for 25 years. He is the man behind the sausage mill, a microenterprise specializing in homemade sausages.

Ronaldo Riccio

Influenced by the family recipe, Ronaldo concocts four pork sausage sausages: Merguez, Frankfurt, Italian sweet and lunch. If you meet him aboard his trailer, it is possible to taste a sausage wrapped in grilled tortilla bread with condiments (mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise). For 10 years, the secret has been the dry marinade of an exclusive blend of spices and the quality of the "marbled" meat.

Ronaldo notes that his teaching background and his passion for food enable him to connect with people, build relationships and create a sense of community. It is also the warmth of Charlevois who seduced him when he left his native Montreal in the early 90s.

In addition to the community, it is mainly the exceptional quality of life unique to Baie-Saint-Paul that inspires Ronaldo. His favorite place? It is certainly the park of the Great Gardens. The wild nature offers him a fly fishing ground of the most breathtaking. The three-day expeditions alone in the heart of Charlevoix have no equal.

Ronaldo inspires you?

You will be able to meet Ronaldo in various events (Le Festif !, the Charlevoix Laiterie's local fair as well as the Saint-Émile des Lacs Rodeo) and at the Baie-Saint-Paul wharf during the beautiful summer afternoons. (July and August). Retail sausages are available at Al dente and Exclamation Bread.

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