Pierre-Laurent Salin de l’Étoile

Six months after his first stay in Baie-Saint-Paul, Pierre-Laurent Salin de l’Étoile settled in a city he said had no limits. He fell in love with this place where everything is possible. Discover the city through the eyes of man.

During his very first stay in Baie-Saint-Paul, Pierre-Laurent Salin de l’Étoile was caught off guard by a unique feeling: love at first sight. The flourishing inhabitants, the blooming businesses, the potential of the place. Only six months after setting foot in the region, he decided to take the plunge and settle here, behind him the metropolis of Montreal. Here is where the story begins.


Who is he? The man is co-director of the Association des Gens d’Affaires de Baie-Saint-Paul in charge of partnerships and development. In other words, he makes the place grow to the rhythm of radiant and collective projects. He also acts on a voluntary basis as an administrator and representative of the occupants of Maison Mère. Pierre-Laurent is a person of initiative, he feeds on the community and he has found his place in this city, a territory where people feel his work immediately. From the beginning, he saw that here “Everything is possible. Baie-Saint-Paul is fertile ground. And it became his home.”

During his career as an entrepreneur of more than 10 years in France, Pierre-Laurent found his vocation when he explored the world of the social and solidarity economy. Following these achievements, he discovered the city which allowed him to get involved in these projects that ignited him.


If you ask this man, who connects with the very soul of Baie-Saint-Paul every day, what he aspires for the future of the place, he will answer you this: “The city is already living in the future. She will remain a pioneer and continue to inspire.”

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