Lucie Tremblay

Producer and founder of the festival “Cuisine, cinéma et confidences”, Lucie will never stop creating.

Lucie Tremblay is a well-known producer who created in 2017 le festival Cuisine, cinéma et confidences, an event based in Baie-Saint-Paul where the 7th art meets gastronomy. true passionate about outdoor, she is an inspiration for all ambitious people.

What inspires her? Every element of nature : “It’s not only the beach. It’s the island, it’s the mountain that meets the sea… it’s the sky, the wind, the boats… there’s so many stories .[…] A perfect match with the universe, I feel it there”.


Lucie is born in Montréal, but she spent her summer holidays in Charlevoix, her father native from Les Éboulements. She has lived in Baie-Saint-Paul for some time now, the wide-open space called for her, she needed to breathe. “It’s amazing when a place calls you out like that. You know that you are in the right place, at the right time.”

Standing, looking at the horizon on one of the secret places of the Baie, Lucie tells us about her new life. With the internet, she can work remotely, even with France! Her relation with food is pure : she buys her meat and vegetables directly from the producer : “You have to remember all the work that goes behind the carrot on our plate”. For her, the quality of the product is essential, it’s a question of respect : “Eating is the meeting of the other, it’s about sharing

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