Karine Locatelli

Karine is a young contemporary artist living in Baie-Saint-Paul. She specializes in landscape, using India ink and quill on rough canvas. Her inspiration is lead by her feelings regarding the natural environnement. Her bond with nature goes through drawing, photography, hiking, fishing and gathering.

It’s very simple, what inspires her is nature. “By moving to Baie St-Paul, I managed to find the balance between my daily life and nature. I didn’t have to plan ahead to have access to nature. “Baie-Saint-Paul is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoor environment. There is something to suit all tastes and everything is easily accessible.à

The connection with nature is created in an innate way. “What inspires me here is the forest, the river. So accessible. this is what is fascinating”.

La Chute du Moulin is one of the many water points that can be observed in Bais-Saint-Paul. You can there rest and soak your feet. It’s the perfect place to take a break and meditate. The forest is overflowing with weeds, , leaves and perfect flowers to create the most relaxing tea concoction. Come and find your inspiration!

Karin is an inspiration. Visit her website : You can also visit her at her studio, based on the attic of the Chapelle de la Maison-Mère, with it such particular architecture.
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