Josiane Lanthier

Paintbrush in hand, Josiane Lanthier presents to you Baie-Saint-Paul through its unique colors

Fourteen months ago, following the discovery of contemporary art workshops, the artist Josiane Lanthier packed her bags and said goodbye to the city of Montreal in order to come and settle down here in Baie-Saint-Paul.


It was in September 2019, during her very first visit, that she fell in love with our city. Her artist’s eye immediately perceived the bright colors, the unique light and the potential that the place offers. The call of the countryside, the desire for novelty and the soul of the region led her to take root in the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul, on the famous Saint-Jean-Baptiste street, where genius comes to life.


Born in 1989, Josiane obtained her bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts at UQAM in 2014. Since 2008, she
immortalizes moments, thoughts and especially landscapes on her canvases. Her signature: colors. She picks the
minority pigments and animates them mostly on her paintings with a vivacity that is unique to her.


Why Baie-Saint-Paul? “Here, there is everything”, answers the artist. The water, the mountains, the beautiful world, the richness of the culture and the agriculture. The agri-food aspect of the city immediately stole her heart. Josiane considers herself a “foodie” and here she is more than rewarded. Fresh food and good wine are now an integral part of her daily life. La Louve, Le Mouton Noir, Ah La Vache and Les Faux Bergers are, according to her, gastronomic must-haves. Good food fuels the body and art nourishes the mind.


For Josiane, Baie-Saint-Paul offers a range of possibilities, hidden in the receptivity of the inhabitants, local products at every corner and it is a city that never stops developing and growing. It is her home, her muse.


According to Josiane, art is a chance to immortalize a moment, a panorama. A touch of color, or two, that allow memories to travel through time. “In Baie-Saint-Paul, we find the answers to all our questions,” she assures.


Discover a dynamic woman who spreads her energy and joy of living through her art.


Because a painting is worth a thousand words.


Photo credit: Éva Maude TC

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