Inspired by
Guillaume Labbé

Guillaume Labbé

Inspired by Guillaume Labbé

Guillaume Labbé is a speed skater from Baie-Saint-Paul. He has proven himself for several years in regional, national and international competitions.  With speed and adrenaline, his primary motivation is personal achievement.

Guillaume Labbé

Disciplined and rigorous, Guillaume trains twenty hours a week in the winter, with two workouts (short intensity and strength training) per day. During the summer, his training stretches to over 20 hours and consists of a balance between cycling, roller skating and short track.

Guillaume is inspired by the movement. For him, the course is more important than the goal. Seeing his progress over time and how each effort pays off motivates him intensely. Hence the inspiration for movement and the desire to constantly improve himself.

Guillaume inspires you?

His favorite place in Baie-Saint-Paul? The outdoor rink of camping Genevrier. He loves to meet other skaters and the calm of the place. Guillaume is particularly fond of his city for being close to the people and the beauty of the great Charlevoix spaces that he often took for granted in his youth.

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