David Savard-Gagnon


A big sports fan since he was a young boy, David is an accomplished athlete. Discover Baie-Saint-Paul through his eyes.

A big sports fan since he was a young boy, David is an accomplished athlete. In 2013, he won the Montreal Marathon and in 2020, the 125 km event of the Ultra-Trail Harricana, an annual race in the region. In addition to training, work and being a father, he is involved in the sports community of Baie-Saint-Paul. He participates, among other things, in the organization of the Rendez-vous de la Santé.


Why did you choose to settle and start a family in Baie-Saint-Paul? The answer is quite simple: he is from Baie-Saint-Paul. His family is here and he has chosen to return to the area after leaving for work. It is the ideal place since he finds there a closeness with the members of his family as well as with nature which is important in the practice of his sport. Another advantage of Baie-Saint-Paul is the ease of integrating the family into sporting activities: “often, we go for a short hike with the family, then I, afterwards, continue training”. This is a perfect recipe for allowing your children to discover sporting activity, but also for spending quality time with family.


His favorite places to run? He likes very much: “the path at the bottom of the Bay, the path of the Gouffre and the Florents”. For David, one of the most advantageous aspects of Baie-Saint-Paul is the proximity of the trails and their accessibility. You just have to put on your running shoes: “No need for the car, I’m going to train straight away. It saves me time ”. Then, if he ever wants to change the scenery and take the car, it is also possible: “30 minutes away, there is the Grands-Jardins National Park […] where it is pleasant to go for a run on the mountain trails ”. A characteristic asset not to be overlooked in Baie-Saint-Paul is its diverse terrain for racing enthusiasts: “we have the best of both worlds, the valley and several drops if we want to train in the mountains”. A perfect mix!


What inspires him about Baie-Saint-Paul? “The landscapes: whether you’re having a good or bad day, when you go for a run and you lift your head and look around you, you realize the beauty. It restores your energy, it oxygenates you, the air is pure, you are close to water and mountains “. Sometimes you just need to open your eyes to get away from the daily grind and get inspired.

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