Inspired by
Annie Wagner Bouthillier

Annie Wagner Bouthillier

Inspired by Annie Wagner Bouthillier

Annie Wagner Bouthillier is the Director of Customer Service for Germain Charlevoix in Baie-Saint-Paul. Passionate about the outdoors, she is involved in various causes, including Horizon Charlevoix, which makes sport accessible to children.

Annie Wagner Bouthillier

Annie is proud to be part of the Germain de Charlevoix team. Thanks to its central role, it maintains a first-rate relationship with Charlevoix producers and artisans. This is a golden opportunity to discover the richness of the land and share the hidden jewels. Baie-Saint-Paul is an endless source of inspiration, there is so much to do and to discover.

Annie has always been in love with Baie-Saint-Paul. Following Cirque du Soleil's first international tour with her family, her father Richard Bouthillier is the founder of Chapiteaux du monde, and Annie settled in Charlevoix to his great delight. 

Annie inspires you?

Her favorite place in Baie-Saint-Paul? The wooded dock of the Hotel Germain. Annie is particularly fond of the moment in her day when she goes running along the Chemin des Sœurs. The proximity of the St. Lawrence River and mountains inspires him to share unique moments with his loved ones, summer and winter alike.

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