A Day Hikers’ Paradise

Charlevoix is one of those destinations that makes you feel like jumping into the landscape, both feet forward. Not surprising that with these lovely verdant valleys and majestic mountains, hiking has become a four-season national sport. Summer brings its share of small marvels well worth discovering, either alone or with your sweetheart, family or friends. Interested? Choose from three hiking tours, each with its very own breathtaking vistas.

Parc du Gouffre Trail ‒ From downtown Baie-Saint-Paul, this trail covers 7.4 km. It begins meandering along Rivière du Gouffre then takes you into the backcountry in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Midway, several belvederes offer commanding views where picnic tables are set up so you can boost your energy levels before taking to the trail again, onward toward trail’s end, at Le Genévrier.

Les Florents Trail ‒ From Le Genévrier (Route 138), the trailhead takes you on an 18.2 km hike with two possible exits ‒ at km 7 & km 11. The farther you go, the higher you climb so that by km 9, you’ll not be surprised to find a paragliding site. Because the backcountry has that special je-ne-sais-quoi, I really love hiking le Sentier des Pointes’ 10.9 km from the secondary trails behind La Ferme Basque, in Saint-Urbain.

Rivière Rémy Trail ‒ This trail is reached from Rang Saint-Jérome where you can park your car. After crossing Sentier des Florents, you meet up with Rivière Rémy trail that hugs the river for just under 2 km, until the lookout where the views are magnificent. To get out of the woods however, you must backtrack. But in the other direction, the terrain and vistas are just as pleasant. Inspired? Time to lace up those shoes!

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