Welcoming Baie-Saint-Paul

Strong, beautiful, remarkable. A city that is involved, supportive, and inspiring. Whether you live there, grew up there, or are just passing through, it leaves a lasting impression. You absorb its energy and carry it in your heart.


Recently, the people of Baie-Saint-Paul were shaken. The land they call home was challenged by the force of nature. Together and more resilient than ever, they overcame this ordeal. Smiling, hand in hand, they proved to everyone that true strength lies in cooperation and solidarity. Humanity. That’s what was felt when residents, families, children, and people from outside the community came together to allow Baie-Saint-Paul to shine again, now stronger, more beautiful, and more remarkable than ever.


They say even the best sometimes need to fall to rise again. Our Baie-Saint-Paul is among the best, and it’s ready to take your breath away this summer. “The most welcoming city in Canada” (Booking, 2023) shines with the tireless efforts of its caring community members. The streets are ready to be walked. Accommodations are eager to welcome you. Restaurateurs covet your presence at their tables. Countless attractions await you. The river is calm. Above all, the kind and good-hearted locals will greet you with that same unique warmth, as always. We are proud of our world, our involvement, and we want to show it to you.


Discover a reborn Baie-Saint-Paul. One that uses its renowned creativity to triumph. Adversity has not stopped it, on the contrary. It thrives on it. It emerges even hungrier, stronger, more admirable.


Attention all visitors, we are ready, and we hope you are too.


A vibrant city, all year long