The place to cool off this summer

By walking, cycling, or driving along Sainte-Anne Street, one discreetly follows the Gouffre River. Within less than a kilometer from the shore, the scent of the open sea gently teases the nostrils. At the very end of the road, the landscape unfolds to reveal a river, its estuary, and its islands. On the wharf, each step gives the impression of gradually stepping into the heart of a postcard.


Animated at all hours of the day, Baie-Saint-Paul’s wharf is the perfect place to fully grasp the dimensions of a village nestled by the sea, in the depths of a profound valley. To the west, a sandy beach stretches for kilometers. Throughout the summer, it becomes a gathering place for families who come in large numbers to plant their parasols, spread out picnic blankets, and enjoy a meal while admiring the scenery, sheltered from view by a beautiful dune covered in tall grasses. Out come the shovels and buckets! The beach sand has just the right texture to ensure the creation of the most beautiful sandcastles. During low tide, children will love playing mummies in the mud baths, which also entice the grown-ups to venture into the fun.


Straight ahead, aspiring sailors amuse themselves by keeping an eye on the passage of cruise ships and cargo vessels, stealing glances at their iPhones. Did you know that the Port of Quebec website – – offers an interactive map of maritime traffic? To identify the flags of different countries, bring out the binoculars!


On windy days, kite surfers also know this spot well. Traveling with a kayak? The launch is easy and allows for hours of enjoyment in the large bay, of course, by checking the tide schedule. Is it raining? It’s just as magical as it is inspiring.

A vibrant city, all year long