When it comes to producing 100% Charlevoix alcohol, Alexandre and Anthony have the secret recipe. These two entrepreneurs ventured into business with the primary goal of creating alcoholic products. At that time, they had no idea what awaited them. Allow us to introduce their honey wines and spirits, a source of pride for the region.


Starting off in the agricultural world, beekeeping quickly became their area of expertise. Step by step, Hydromel was born and now stands out in the production of small batches of bottles that receive special attention to quality and adhere to eco-responsibility principles. Offering unique artisanal and natural beverages on the market, which follow a vision of sustainable development even in the choice of containers, this flourishing company is worth a visit. Every day, the co-owners uphold their values by partnering with various local businesses; here, it’s a team effort, with the best of everything. That’s why with every sip of their honey spirits and wines, you discover and taste the pure essence of the Charlevoix terroir. From one hive to another, you detect a variety of aromas that give each batch a distinct personality.


From the bees to your drink, every little necessary attention is taken to offer you a unique experience while respecting the sacred environment. Hydromel gives back more to nature than it takes.


To accommodate tourists and local customers, the distillery is open year-round, 7 days a week. You can enjoy tastings, tours, and purchase their products there. Scan the code below to visit their website, where you can directly shop for their beverages online.

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