This year, Café Charlevoix is celebrating its 10th anniversary of local roasting. For a decade now, the company has been specializing in small-batch artisanal micro-roasting, providing its customers with remarkable freshness.


Since taking ownership in 2015, Nicholas Thibeault and Guylaine Leblond have diligently worked to elevate this local business and offer a coffee that is now renowned for its sought-after flavors. These two entrepreneurs promote values of involvement and commitment within the community, and this dedication is reflected in their products. Environmental sustainability is at the core of their concerns. The team prioritizes their environmental values by offering bulk coffee and serving hot beverages in customers’ own cups for on-site consumption.


In addition to their regular coffee, Café Charlevoix has been offering an organic and fair trade coffee range for the past two years. Focusing exclusively on coffee production, they have created a refined product that comes close to perfection and is now available at multiple retail locations.


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