Since 1956, Boutique Origène has been primarily a clothing store, but it is so much more than that. With a 67-year history, it is also a Charlevoix institution and a family story.


In 1956, Mirielle Lavoie and Origène Dufour created “Baie St-Paul Jobbing.” Through three generations, bold moves, and renovations, Boutique Origène embodies entrepreneurship and commitment to the local community, reminding us that every small step can lead to extraordinary achievements. Just think of the extravagant Santa Claus days that bring together the entire Charlevoix region, as well as the numerous participations in the Saint-Jean parade, as colorful as Origène himself!


Over the years, the boutique has made it a duty to collaborate and sponsor hundreds of events and foundations, even going so far as to offer clothing and shoes to people in need.


As a pillar of the Baie-Saint-Paul community, the boutique is proud to support its fellow citizens in difficult times. During the May 2023 floods, they generously decided to pay the tax on all their products sold as a sign of solidarity. This gesture demonstrates their proactive desire to contribute to the well-being of residents by offering them tangible support.


Boutique Origène is also an active player in the local culture. In collaboration with Le Festif! and Urbania, they orchestrated their very first rap show featuring artist Calamine. This unique evening will offer an unprecedented musical experience in the heart of their displays.


More than just a clothing store, Boutique Origène is committed to offering an exceptional selection of quality clothing at affordable prices. Catering to women, men, children, and workers, the boutique offers a wide range of styles from renowned brands, allowing everyone to find what suits them. Whether you’re looking for trendy or functional outfits, Boutique Origène will delight you with its expertise and personalized service.


Customers enjoy a warm and friendly shopping experience, guided and advised by a dedicated team. Boutique Origène contributes to shaping a thriving community by combining fashion, culture, and solidarity.


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